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Exim Coach - The ultimate guide and helping partner for evolving your import-export business

While you start to stretch your business overseas, it is vital to ensure that you are touching up on all the critical areas, which can mark your growth in your field.

Thus, Exim Coach comes to you to ease out the path of global trade with proper consultation and guidance. Our specialized global trade services related to importing and exporting goods will help make your business a global success.

Being a global trade advisory firm, Exim Coach not only helps you to enhance your opportunities through top-notch import-export of your goods but also offers you the necessary consultations related to it.

With our expert team of professionals, we ensure to deliver top-notch global trade services related to the import-export of your business to make it stand out as a significant one regardless of its size.

From helping you coordinate with prominent shipping lines to settling up negotiations with freight forwarders, we strive to help you in every possible aspect.

Our vast range of services is designed in a way that properly aligns with your business goals. Selecting your core product for export, choosing the country you want to expand your business into, analyzing the risks related to finances, and conducting global marketing campaigns for your recognition worldwide – we help you in all and find customized solutions that suit you best.

Besides, Exim Coach not only limits itself in helping corporate businesses but also provides training to those who want to begin their start-ups in this field. We deliver all the necessary guidance and coaching regarding global trade so that you can start your business with sound knowledge.

Furthermore, we give you access to all our resources so that you can enjoy the exclusive benefit of our service to accomplish your business goals for global trade.

Customer satisfaction is what we consider our top priority. Hence, we flexibly offer our solutions and services so that they can help you achieve success in your import-export business.

Our global trade services

Import and export of goods in the global trade supply chain are difficult to do without proper assistance and measures. Thus, we bring to you global trade services that rightly align with your business needs and requirements. Here are the services that we facilitate to empower your business.

Global Marketing

Exim Coach strives to introduce you to the global market to expand your business in the global sphere.

International Logistics Support

We make sure that you never face any obstacle in shipping your products to the international market. Thus, we provide you with complete logistics support with full transparency.

Global Sourcing

To take your business to the global market, you must deliver quality materials. And Exim Coach helps to find the apt material requirements from reliable overseas suppliers.

Trade Documentation

Exim Coach ensures that you have all the necessary trade documents so that you can have complete peace of mind during the import-export of goods internationally.

Trade Data Analysis

We strive to offer you complete trade data analysis so that you can align your business as per the current global market trends and reach the apex of success.

How Exim Coach delivers you support in global trade?

  • We help you to coordinate with the shipping lines: We have top-notch connections with famous shipping lines such as Happag Lloyd, CMA, CGM, Maersk, Hamburgsud, etc., and help you to coordinate with them.
  • Wide network connectivity: Owing to our vast connectivity with several countries, we can help you choose or suggest the correct country or market to export your goods.
  • International payment risk management: We help in balancing all your payment-related risks with proper precautionary measures.
  • Broker handling: We handle the customs brokers and give them the necessary push so that you can get your timely clearance without any fines or penalties.
  • Freight Forwarder negotiation: Exim Coach has the reputation of working with prominent FFs such as DHL, Alispad, Freight System, Panalpina, etc.
  • Global Marketing: We offer the utmost support in marketing your goods internationally and make your import-export business well recognized in the global market.

Why choose Exim Coach?

Opting for our services brings you a lot of benefits to help your business succeed globally. So, here are a few perks of availing yourself of our services.

  • Get access to updated world trade data and robust analysis
  • Find suppliers for any size of your cargo from all around the world
  • Get access to special commodity campaigns and shipping companies to enhance your cargo movement
  • With an extensive network, Exim Coach helps you explore the progressive markets of different countries
  • Identify new potential customers located at the places that you want to explore
  • Makes you stay ahead of the market competition with their quality training on global trade marketing
  • Promptly answers all your global trade-related queries to help you in decision making

Foreign Trade Consulting

Network of Exim Coach

Exim Coach has robust network connections in the most progressive countries of the Middle East and Asia, where businesses can expand and explore more opportunities. The following are the countries where Exim Coach has a great connection.


Thailand is currently one of those countries that share a strong trade bond with India. And Exim Coach has significant sourcing in Thailand.


China’s businesses strive to share a strong bond with India for import and export purposes. Also, the Chinese market is highly progressive. Thus, Exim Coach cooperates with Chinese suppliers and brings import shipments in India from almost all their seaports.


UAE currently shares a great relationship with India for the import and export of various goods. So, if you are thinking of expanding your business to UAE, then Exim Coach can offer you robust support. We have excellent cooperation with Dubai’s buyers and suppliers.



Exim Coach is continuously evaluating its relationship with Asian countries like Vietnam, where the trade markets are highly leveraging for any import-export business.

Our Clients

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